11 Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins (With Features and Ratings)

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Looking for the best WordPress Live Chat plugin? Read on.

With WordPress powering nearly half ofآ all websites, there’s aآ good chance you’ll want toآ incorporate live chat onآ your site.

What used toآ beآ aآ â€œnice toآ haveâ€‌ isآ now anآ â€œessential partâ€‌ ofآ every website, especially ifآ you’re selling aآ product orآ service. Customers have quickly become accustomed toآ starting anآ online chat whether they’re searching for anآ answer toآ aآ product query orآ need help making their online purchase.

But with hundreds ofآ WordPress chat plugins toآ choose from, where doآ you start?

That’s what this guide isآ all about.

Inside, you’ll discover why you simply have toآ add live chat toآ your site and what features and options toآ look for when making your selection.

Then, we’ll walk you through the top free and premium WordPress chat plugins and their feature sets, soآ you can confidently choose the right plugin for your business needs and budget.

Why Add Live Chat toآ Your WordPress Website?

Let’s examine some ofآ the reasons why you might want toآ add live chat toآ your WordPress site.

1. Customers prefer live chat over other channels

Using live chat, customers can connect with service reps quickly and get their questions answered immediately. It’s more convenient than sending anآ email and waiting for aآ reply orآ holding onآ the phone until aآ support agent isآ free.

Today, 41% ofآ consumers prefer live chat support, versus 32% who prefer phone support, 23% who prefer email support, and 3% who prefer getting support via social media.

2. Live chat improves lead and sales conversion rates

Around 20% ofآ WordPress websites use WooCommerce asآ their ecommerce solution. And weآ know that shoppers expect help with their online purchases.

According toآ aآ Forrester report, 44% ofآ online consumers say that “having questions answered byآ aآ live person while inآ the middle ofآ anآ online purchaseâ€‌ isآ one ofآ the most important features aآ website can offer.

Furthermore, 79% ofآ businesses say that offering live chat has positively affected sales, revenue, and customer loyalty.

3. Live chat improves customer satisfaction

Asآ well asآ sales support, you can use live chat toآ provide customer service. Almost half ofآ consumers (48%) favor companies that offer proactive support. And, according toآ Statista, the average global customer satisfaction rating for live chat isآ 83%.

Here are aآ few more reasons you may want toآ use aآ live chat plugin:

How toآ Choose the Best WordPress Chat Plugins

There are several factors toآ consider when choosing your WordPress chat plugin. You can find the following information inآ the WordPress repository alongside each plugin:

1) Last updated:

First, you want toآ check when the plugin was last updated. Anآ out-of-date plugin can cause problems, soآ always check for recent updates. Ifآ aآ plugin isآ not maintained, itآ isآ more susceptible toآ security breaches byآ cyber-criminals.

2) Number ofآ active installs:

Next, check the number ofآ active installs. Aآ high number shows the plugin isآ popular and trusted onآ many sites.

3) Compatible with latest versions ofآ WordPress:

Next, you want toآ make sure the plugin isآ compatible with the latest version ofآ WordPress. Otherwise, itآ could break your site when you install itآ orآ introduce potential security risks.

4) Check review count and average ratings:

Onآ the Reviews tab, you can find the latest reviews and ratings for the plugin:

Inآ this example, you can see the plugin has received hundreds ofآ 5-star ratings, which means it’s widely recognized and appreciated byآ the WordPress community.


Aآ quality WordPress live chat plugin should allow you to:

  • Install and use the software easily

  • Customize the chat widget toآ match your site

  • Route orآ transfer chat messages toآ other agents

  • Monitor visitors inآ real-time

  • Integrate with your CRM

  • Use canned messages, triggered auto-replies, and chatbots

  • Provide visitor and agent insights and reports

  • Allow you toآ send unlimited messages

  • Work asآ aآ complete customer communication platform

  • Purchase atآ aآ reasonable price

Inآ the next section, we’ll take aآ closer look atآ the top WordPress chat plugins and their feature sets soآ that you can choose the right plugin for your business needs and budget.

11آ Best Live Chat Plugins for WordPress

All ofآ the WordPress live chat plugins featured below come with aآ stack ofآ features.

Some brands, such asآ JivoChat, Tawk.to, and Tidio, include comprehensive free forever plans. Others, like Zendesk Chat, Crisp, and Formilla, have free plans with basic functionality. And some ofآ them, such asآ PureChat and LiveChat, don’t have aآ free option, just aآ limited free trial.

Let’s dive in.

#1. JivoChat

Active installations: 40,000+ // Average rating: 5آ out ofآ 5آ stars

JivoChat isآ more than just aآ live chat pluginآ â€” it’s anآ all-in-one omnichannel business manager that teams use toآ talk toآ customers everywhere via live chat, phone, email, and social.

Key features:

  • Omnichannel: Communicate with clients through Live Chat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Telegram, Email, and Phone.

  • Offline messages: Hold inquiries inآ your inbox soآ that you can reach clients when you’re back online.

  • Event-based triggers: Proactively engage visitors using aآ range ofآ different triggers such asآ time onآ page, web page URL, visitor location and more.

  • Callbacks: Offer your visitors aآ callback byآ phone ifآ they prefer.

  • Multi-agent chats: Transfer chats toآ your colleagues orآ invite them toآ participate inآ open support chats with customers.

  • Visitor monitoring: Track your visitors inآ real-time.

  • Built-in CRM: Includes aآ simple CRM that allows you toآ track statuses with your clients, attach comments toآ them, and funnel them.

  • Unlimited archiving: Store all ofآ your conversations and automatically load conversation history with aآ client when you chat again.

  • Team chats: Includes anآ efficient and powerful team chat soآ that you have all your messages inآ one place.

  • Reminders: Set aآ reminder for you orآ one ofآ your colleagues toآ carry out follow-up actions onآ aآ specific customer conversation.

  • Geo-IP-based behaviors: Show aآ customized widget for different cities orآ countries with aآ particular language, behavior, orآ set ofآ agents.

  • Automatic translator: Translate your live chat (inآ both directions) with foreign-language speakers instantly and accurately.

  • Quick phrases and canned responses: Create predefined messages you can send with hotkeys, and get suggestions from messages you’ve sent before.

  • Typing insights: See the messages that visitors are typing inآ real-time before they hit “send.â€‌

  • GDPR compliance: Complies with GDPR requirements.

  • CRM Integrations, API, and Webhooks: Position aآ live chat widget where you want with the Webhooks API, change the widget’s behavior with JSآ API, and integrate your CRM with Webhooks.

  • Quick site loading time: Jivo scripts are loaded asynchronously.

Pricing: Free forever orآ $19/agent/month for the premium version.

#2. Tawk.To

Active installations: 200,000+ // Average rating: 4.7آ out ofآ 5آ stars

The Tawk.To live chat app lets you monitor and chat with visitors toآ your WordPress site. It’s “the #1آ most widely used Live Chat software inآ the worldâ€‌ and has the highest number ofآ installations among all WordPress chat plugins.

Key features:

  • Customize your chat widget’s colors, messages, size, position, and language.

  • Monitor your website visitors and chat with them when they need itآ most.

  • Manage multiple sites and agents from aآ single dashboard.

  • Monitor which pages your visitors are onآ inآ real-time, know how often they visit your site, and view their entire customer journey.

  • Tag and assign conversations toآ team members and ensure the right person isآ responding atآ the right time.

  • Use handy shortcuts and canned messages toآ provide quick and consistent responses every time.

Pricing: Free forever with anآ optional $15.00/month toآ remove the branding from the widget.

#3. Zendesk Chat (formerly Zopim)

Active installations: 50,000+ // Average rating: 4آ out ofآ 5آ stars

Zendesk Chat allows your website visitors toآ chat with you directly through the widget soآ that you can answer their questions inآ real-time and make them feel more comfortable about buying from you.

Key features:

  • Chat with your visitors from any device using the mobile-optimized chat widget.

  • Use automatic triggers toآ start chats proactively rather than waiting for your visitors.

  • Monitor visitor flow and usage patterns inآ the analytics dashboard soآ that you can jump inآ whenever aآ customer might need help.

  • Customize the chat widget toآ complement your website’s design palette.

  • Control multiple conversations from the user-friendly dashboard.

Pricing: The free Lite version isآ available inآ other Zendesk Suite product plans. Premium versions start from $14/month.

#4. Tidio

Active installations: 100,000+ // Average rating: 4.8آ out ofآ 5آ stars

Tidio Live Chat isآ one ofآ the simplest live chat plugins toآ set up, soآ you can engage your audience, nurture leads, automate work, and grow your business.

Key features:

  • Customize the chatbox widget toآ complement your branding.

  • Send automatic messages toآ frequently asked questions, even when you’re not there.

  • Check the viewed pages list toآ see where your visitors are and offer them specific assistance.

  • View real-time conversations asآ visitors are typing and prepare your answers.

  • Communicate with your customers from anywhere via the mobile app.

  • Receive incoming visitor notifications soآ that you can engage them asآ soon asآ they land onآ your website.

  • Use canned responses and chatbots toآ automate repetitive tasks, conversations, and generate leads.

  • Integrates with HubSpot, Salesforce, and Mailchimp.

  • Includes unlimited chat conversations, contacts, and chat history inآ the free plan.

Pricing: Free forever orآ $18/month for premium features.

#5. PureChat

Active installations: 10,000+ // Average rating: 4.1آ out ofآ 5آ stars

Pure Chat’s Live Chat plugin for WordPress allows you toآ trial unlimited chats, real-time analytics, visitor tracking, and contact tracking features free ofآ charge for 30آ days.

Key features:

  • Customize the live chat widget using the convenient editor.

  • Manage live chat onآ the goآ with the mobile-optimized chat widget for your website and mobile app.

  • Access your chat history transcripts toآ refer toآ aآ previous conversation.

  • Use canned responses toآ answer frequently asked questions quickly and accurately.

  • Includes anآ email form when you’re unavailable toآ chat.

Pricing: 30-day free trial and then $39/month for the Growth plan.

#6. Crisp

Active installations: 30,000+ // Average rating: 4.8آ out ofآ 5آ stars

Crisp Live Chat isآ aآ free WordPress chat plugin that you can use toآ grow your email list, generate leads, and enhance customer relationships. And, asآ the name suggests, it’s “crisp and good-looking.â€‌

Key features:

  • Customize the chat widget (colors/languages/position) toآ fit with your brand.

  • See where all your active visitors are onآ MagicMap inآ real-time.

  • Check what your visitors are typing inآ real-time, allowing you toآ respond quickly with the correct information.

  • Receive aآ notification onآ your desktop/mobile when aآ visitor sends aآ message.

  • Use canned responses and triggers for proactive chat messaging.

  • Gather all communications inآ one shared inbox.

  • Reply toآ your customers directly from Slack, Messenger, Twitter, and Telegram.

Pricing: Free forever orآ $25/month for the Pro plan.

#7. Olark

Active installations: 4,000+ // Average rating: 4آ out ofآ 5آ stars

Olark isآ aآ simple yet powerful WordPress chat widget. Everything you doآ inآ Olark integrates directly into many other popular tools, from CRM and email toآ ecommerce and analytics.

Key features:

  • Customize the look and feel ofآ your live chat widget.

  • Show and hide your live chat box onآ selected pages.

  • Get customizable agent alerts when visitors take specific actions.

  • Send custom messages automatically based onآ visitor location, behavior, and referring URL.

  • Get real-time reports onآ chat volume, customer satisfaction, and agent activity.

  • Receive detailed summary reports inآ your inbox.

Pricing: Free forever, and then $19/month per seat for the premium version.

#8. Chaport

Active installations: 1,000+ // Average rating: 5آ out ofآ 5آ stars

Chaport isآ aآ modern live chat and chatbot service for your WordPress site. You can receive messages from multiple channels, like Facebook, Telegram, and Viber, and answer them inآ aآ live chat.

Key features:

  • Customize the appearance ofآ the mobile-friendly live chat widget toآ match your website.

  • Create chatbots toآ handle common queries soآ that operators can manage more complex work.

  • Start more chats byآ sending automatic invitations based onآ predefined rules.

  • Send automatic messages toآ your customers onآ the checkout page.

  • Connect with other third-party apps and services via Zapier orآ the API.

Pricing: Free forever plus premium plans starting atآ $15/month.

#9. Smartsupp

Active installations: 20,000+ // Average rating: 4.6آ out ofآ 5آ stars

Smartsupp isآ one ofآ the most popular and smartest live chat solutions. It’s the only chat that offers video recordings where you can see each visitor’s movements onآ your website. You can also use its proactive chat toآ automatically engage customers, assist with sales, and save you time.

Key features:

  • Create chatbots toآ provide quick and consistent support for your customers.

  • View your visitors’ behavior onآ your website byآ watching their screen recordings.

  • Customize the chat box toآ match your site design.

  • Reply toآ conversations even after the visitor has left your website.

  • Create personalized automatic messages toآ engage visitors atآ the right moment.

  • Review visitor insights and detailed analytics inآ the dashboard.

  • Integrate live chat, email, and Facebook Messenger inآ one customer messaging platform.

Pricing: Free forever orآ select aآ premium plan from $10/month.

#10. LiveChat

  • Active installations: 30,000+ // Average rating: 4.7آ out ofآ 5آ stars

LiveChat isآ aآ comprehensive WordPress chat plugin that works well with any WordPress theme orآ site builder. Itآ also comes with aآ built-in ticketing system soآ that you can provide 24/7آ customer support when you’re away.

Key features:

  • Trigger proactive chat invitations when aآ visitor meets predefined criteria, such asآ the number ofآ visited pages orآ time spent onآ the website.

  • Answer the most common customer questions with canned responses.

  • Customize the chat widget toآ match your branding.

  • Track visitors and check what page they’re onآ and where they came from.

  • Add surveys toآ the live chat window toآ gather customer insights atآ the beginning and end ofآ each chat.

  • Assign conversations toآ available agents automatically orآ manually and transfer chats toآ other agents when required.

  • Get detailed reports and analytics onآ visitors’ queries and agents’ activities.

Pricing: 14-day free trial with premium plans starting from $19.00/month.

#11. Formilla

  • Active installations: 5,000+ // Average rating: 4.8آ out ofآ 5آ stars

Formilla combines live chat with artificial intelligence (AI) toآ boost sales and support. Plus, you can communicate from anywhere using the mobile apps for iPhone and Android.

Key features:

  • Customize the live chat widget color, size, and position, plus optional CSS.

  • Enable proactive chat toآ automatically trigger live chat with aآ visitor after aآ defined number ofآ seconds.

  • Monitor and track the number ofآ active visitors onآ your website, and initiate live chats with them.

  • Respond toآ customer requests asآ quickly and efficiently asآ possible with canned messages.

  • Activate the offline chat toآ collect visitor chat transcripts byآ email when you’re away.

  • Create aآ helper bot toآ assist with frequently asked questions around the clock, even when aآ live person isآ not available.

  • Transfer aآ chat message toآ other available chat agents, including additional details inآ aآ private message.

Pricing: Free lite plan, and then premium plans starting from $29.99/month.

Install aآ WordPress Live Chat Plugin Today

Each ofآ these live chat plugins for WordPress come jam-packed with features that will allow you toآ improve lead and sales conversion rates, boost customer satisfaction, and meet customers inآ their preferred conversational environment.

There are plugins toآ meet every budget and requirement, from small businesses and online stores toآ large-scale enterprises.

But which one are you going toآ install onآ your WordPress site?

Take your time toآ test aآ few plugins and see which one suits your needs best.

You can also get started for free today with JivoChat’s top-rated WordPress live chat plugin.

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