9 Best POS Plugins for WooCommerce

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What Does a POS Plugin for WooCommerce Do?

The main purpose of a POS plugin is to, unsurprisingly, provide you with a POS – a point of sale – in the physical realm. If you have an online store, you might also have a brick-and-mortar one. Even if not, your store might be physically present at events, as a booth, or a market stall. A POS plugin makes it possible to make online sales in person. In simpler terms, a WooCommerce POS plugin turns your computer or mobile device into a cash register, taking your online store physical, opening up more payment avenues for your shoppers.

A POS plugin works by connecting with your online store and providing you with an interface which allows you to manage your orders in your physical as well as your online store. On the functionality side, you will ideally be able to print receipts, scan barcodes, read cards and cheques in your brick and mortar shop and then sync the sales data with your online store. The exact mechanism of integration, and the exact set of functionalities provided, depends on the plugin.

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