Borlabs Cookie: Mega Instructions and Review (2021)

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At least since a BGH ruling in May 2020 it has been clear:

Cookies should no longer be used as safely as before (except for double chocolate cookies, of course!).

According to the ECJ, tracking cookies in particular require the active consent of the user.

But how can this consent (opt-in) be implemented? And that simply and without programming knowledge?

The answer is:

With Borlabs Cookie!

In my opinion, the WordPress plugin is the easiest and fastest solution to integrate an opt-in for cookies into your website.

In this post I will introduce you to Borlabs Cookie and show you step by step how to configure it correctly.

This blog post is not legal advice! As a blogger and WordPress expert, I have dealt intensively with applicable data protection law, but am not a lawyer. Therefore I cannot accept any liability for the completeness, topicality and correctness of the content provided by me.

1. What is Borlabs Cookie?

You have probably met them a hundred times:

Cookie notices that appear when you visit a website for the first time.

2. Pricing and Licenses

Borlabs Cookie not only offers a wide range of functions, but is also regularly updated and adapted to the current legal situation.

So was z. For example, the opt-in layout for tracking cookies required by the ECJ was integrated into Borlabs Cookie just a few days after the judgment (see changes in version 2.1 ).

What I want to say:

You can’t expect the plugin to be free.

However, I definitely think the prices of Borlabs Cookie are fair. For a single website you only pay 39 € including VAT in the first year.

When you renew your license, you get a 30% discount, which means that from the second year you only pay € 27.30.

2.1 Voucher

In the case of paid WordPress plugins, one question usually arises:

Is there a voucher code?

And yes, there is!

Simply enter the code ” BLOGMOJO” during the ordering process and you will automatically receive a 5% discount on the purchase price.

2.2 VAT ID

If you are an entrepreneur subject to sales tax, then make sure to enter your sales tax ID (VAT) during the purchase process:

If you have forgotten that, you can also subsequently deposit this with the payment provider Paddle. Then you will get your tax refunded within 2 working days.

3. Instructions

In this section I will show you step by step how you can set up Borlabs Cookie on your website.


The large range of functions and the many setting options can overwhelm you at first glance.

However, if you deal a little with the plugin, everything quickly becomes clearer and more understandable.


3.1 Find out which cookies your website is setting

Borlabs Cookie does not automatically recognize the services and cookies used on your website.

That means:

You first have to get an overview of which cookies are actually used on your website and then create them manually.

Sounds complicated, but it is not.

The first step is to see which external services are integrated into your website. These include, for example:

  • Analysis tools (Google Analytics, Matomo / Piwik, Clicky, eTracker etc.)
  • Tracking and retargeting (Facebook Pixel, Pinterest Pixel)
  • Social plugins and posts (Facebook Like Button, Instagram Posts, Twitter Tweets etc.)
  • Map services (Google Maps, Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap etc.)
  • Advertising networks (Google AdSense, Taboola,, Outbrain etc.)
  • Video services  (YouTube, Vimeo etc.)
  • VG word

These services can be incorporated in many different ways:

Then take another look at your website with the Webbkoll tool to see which cookies are actually being set.

Pay particular attention to the third-party cookies (cookies from third parties):

Analyze not only the start page, but also posts, pages and possibly also categories and other taxonomies. Because some cookies are only set on certain types of pages (e.g. VG Wort only integrates the counting pixels into individual posts).

3.2 Create cookies

Let’s take the counting pixels of the VG Wort as an example.

To create a cookie for this, you first go to the menu item Cookies  and in the next step think about what kind of cookie it is.

You can choose between these four groups of cookies:

  • Essential
  • External media (the group for the content blocker, see point 4.5).
  • marketing
  • statistics

Like the Borlabs Cookie team, I am of the opinion that the cookies set by VG Wort are essential , i.e. technically necessary.

By clicking on the blue Add new button via Essential you can create a new cookie in this group:

Add new cookie to cookie group

You are then asked to add cookie settings, cookie information and (if necessary) additional JavaScript:

Enter cookie information for VG Wort

The same applies here: keep calm!

Borlabs Cookie won’t let you down with this configuration and offers illustrated instructions for almost all cookies that occur frequently.

You can find the instructions for VG Wort here .

With a final click on Save all settings , the cookie is created.

It now appears in the overview of your essential cookies and in the cookie box that is displayed to your visitors.

You can find more brief instructions and information on integrating common services with Borlabs Cookie in the Compatibility section

3.3 Create cookie groups

As a rule, you do not need to change the predefined cookie groups. The groups Essential , Statistics , Marketing and External Media should cover 99% of all cookies.

However, with Borlabs Cookie you always have the option of creating your own cookie groups.

These groups can be easily created and edited under the menu item Cookie Groups :

3.4 Script blocker

With the help of the script blocker , individual JavaScripts can be blocked on your site until a visitor has actively given their consent.

This is useful if Google Analytics or other external services are integrated via your theme or a plugin.

So l Num is Borlabs cookie sst with plugins such as Google Analytics by Monster Insights , WP Plugin Google Map or pixels Your Site Use

The best thing about it:

If you activate the script blocker, Borlabs Cookie searches the page you want for scripts, gives you the name and then offers you the option of blocking. Of course also with opt-in function!

External services can be easily blocked with the help of the Borlabs Cookie Script Blocker.

Please remember this before starting the script blocker optimization plug-in such as B. Turn off Autoptimize, WP Rocket or W3 Total Cache. Because it is possible that the Script Blocker cannot find Javascript files if they have been combined or compressed with others.

3.5 Content Blocker

The Borlabs Cookie content blocker gives you the option of loading external content only if the user actively agrees to this content.

This includes all embedded media (so-called embeds) and iframes, such as B .:

  • Instagram posts
  • Twitter button
  • Vimeo videos
  • YouTube videos
  • Google Maps
  • OpenStreetMap

Blocked content is then replaced with a placeholder like this YouTube video in one of our blog articles:

3.6 Adjusting the design of the cookie box

You can adapt your cookie box in detail to your own ideas and the design of your website.

You can make the settings in the menu under Cookie Box . Many of them are self-explanatory, but I would like to briefly discuss the most important ones.

# 1: general settings

Under general settings you first create the imprint and data protection declaration :

General settings of the cookie box

This is important so that these are displayed as links in your cookie box.

You can either enter a URL or select the appropriate WordPress page from a dropdown menu.

In addition, you can make various other fine adjustments, e.g. B. on which pages the cookie box should be hidden.

I also recommend that you set the Block content setting to On .

A black background is placed over the content of your website, which ensures that the cookie box stands out even more.

# 2: layout settings

A very important section is the layout settings.

Here you have the choice between a cookie bar or a cookie box . While the bar spans the entire width of your website, the cookie box is rather subtle and limited to the sides.

Literally, it doesn’t really matter whether you choose the box or the bar .

However, I recommend you to test which design leads to more acceptance among your users. Borlabs Cookie provides consent statistics in the dashboard:

Borlabs Cookies dashboard with consent statistics

To test changes to the appearance of the cookie box, always empty the cache of caching plugins and optimization plugins such as Autoptimize first. Then open your website in an incognito tab in your browser (otherwise the cookie box may not be displayed due to an existing consent cookie).

When choosing a layout, it is very important to always select the addition Advanced . Only with this layout are cookie groups including checkboxes displayed so that users can simply select them directly.

Cookie boxes without Advanced do not contain these checkboxes, they only name the cookie groups.

Adjust individual elements of the cookie box

Clicking on the picture opens a window with an overview of which elements you can find under which setting item:

Legend for all elements of the cookie box

Very convenient!

By the way, in the sidebar you can still find the item Where is what? Overview of all elements in the cookie settings.

If you click on the picture there, you can see how you can change the appearance of the individual cookie settings in the cookie box:

3.7 Activate Borlabs cookie

Once you have made all the settings, the last step says:

Activate Borlabs cookie!

It’s quite simple:

You just have under Settings > Borlabs cookie status flip the toggle button so it on to stands.

Please remember to clear the cache of caching plugins like W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache etc. and optimization plugins like Autoptimize. Otherwise the cookie box may not be displayed.

4. Compatibility

This section gives you a small (not exhaustive!) List of popular services with which Borlabs Cookie is compatible.

For each service you will find small instructions or tips on how to integrate them into Borlabs Cookie.

4.1 Google Analytics

Borlabs Cookie is of course compatible with Google Analytics.

There is also a predefined entry that you can select when adding a cookie under Service :

If you have integrated Google Analytics via a plugin, such as B. Google Analytics for WP (GADWP) , then you have to proceed differently and use the script blocker for it. You can find detailed instructions on how to do this directly from Borlabs .

4.2 Google Tag Manager

The Google Tag Manager can also be used with Borlabs Cookie without any problems. Here gibtâ € ™ s instructions.

4.3 Google Adsense

A predefined entry for Google AdSense is already stored in the Borlabs Cookie.

All you have to do here is add your publisher ID, which integrates the automatic page level ads from Google AdSense.

If you have integrated individual ad units into your website, you must also enclose them with the following shortcode:

[borlabs-cookie id = "google-adsense" type = "cookie"] ad code [/ borlabs-cookie]

If you use the Advanced Ads plugin , you have to make a few additional settings. Instructions can be found at Blogs54 .

4.4 Matomo (formerly Piwik)

There is already an entry for Matomo in the Borlabs Cookie Plugin, which you only have to fill in with your data.

Another consideration would be to use Matomo without cookies, which can be activated in the settings of the tracking tool. In this case you would (most likely, the legal situation is not 100% clear) only offer an opt-out option and add a note in the data protection declaration.

4.5 Google Maps

Google Maps can be blocked with the already mentioned content blocker until the user gives his consent.

This requires only the point External media in Men أ¼ point Cookie groups to be activated.

The service itself is preset in the content blocker and does not have to be added separately:

4.6 OpenStreetMap

The same conditions apply to OpenStreetMap as to Google Maps.

The content blocker can be used to block the service until consent is given. OpenStreetMap is also preconfigured and does not have to be added to the content blocker:

4.7 Vimeo

Even integrated Vimeo videos can only be loaded with the consent of the user. All you need to do is activate the corresponding menu item in the content blocker:

Block Vimeo videos with Borlabs Cookie

4.8 Facebook Pixel

There is a ready-made entry in the plug-in for the Facebook Pixel. However, this must be adjusted. You can find detailed instructions here .

4.9 WooCommerce

WooCommerce is 100% compatible with Borlabs Cookie. All you have to do is make small adjustments, which are described here.

5.10 Page Builder (Elementor, Divi etc.)

Borlabs Cookie supports all common page builders, such as B. Avada, Beaver Builder, Divi or Elementor.

5.11 WPML / Multisite

Using WPML is basically no problem for Borlabs Cookie. However, you should follow these instructions from Borlabs before you start working with the multilingual plugin.

You also have to keep in mind that you need a license for each instance of your multisite.

In this case you should choose one of the bulk plans (professional or agency).

5.12 Autoptimize / Caching Plugins

Borlabs Cookie usually has no problems with caching or optimization plugins. Autoptimize and WPRocket work fine.

Only the content blocker can occasionally cause display problems if Lazy Load has been activated for videos in the caching plug- in. However, these can be resolved by activating the Video Wrapper function .

You can find this under Content Blocker> YouTube> Additional Settings :

5.13 Google Fonts

I would advise against loading Google Fonts through Borlabs Cookie.

It is possible, but it can have a negative impact on the appearance of your website.

There are only two options left:

Option # 1: Include Google Fonts locally

The most privacy-friendly (but not necessarily easier) solution.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to do it: How to integrate Google Fonts locally and in accordance with GDPR in WordPress

Option # 2: Use without opt-in

In my opinion, the use of Google Fonts can be justified with a legitimate interest according to Article 6 Paragraph 1 lit.

Because, according to Google , only little data is collected through the integration of the fonts and no cookies are set.

The Bavarian State Office for Data Protection also says that use is permitted, provided that this is indicated in the data protection declaration.

6. News in Borlabs Cookie 2.0

Borlabs Cookie 2.0 was officially released on June 7th, 2019.

And it was tough!

With version 2.0 numerous new features have been introduced, such as: B .:

  • Cookie groups
  • a nicer and more customizable cookie box
  • Animations when the cookie box is displayed
  • a more modern and easier to use interface
  • Preferences for frequently used services, such as B. Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel or Google AdSense
  • fancier statistics with bar graph

You can find an introduction to Borlabs Cookie 2.0 in this video .

6.1 How can I upgrade to Borlabs Cookie 2.0?

If you bought Borlabs Cookie after the update to 2.0, you can easily choose between version 1.0 and version 2.0 in your Borlabs account.

Please note that it is not possible to adopt the settings from version 1.x to version 2.0, as Borlabs Cookie 2.0 is a completely new development. In addition, the shortcodes for Borlabs Cookie 2.0 have changed and may need to be adjusted.

7. Conclusion

For me, Borlabs Cookie is one of the standard plugins that should not be missing on any WordPress website.

It’s simple, works flawlessly and offers a high level of legal security (provided the plugin is configured correctly).

Well, the plugin is not free …

But I consider a price from 39 € in the first and 27.30 € in the following years to be justified due to the large range of functions. Especially since the developer reacts very quickly to changes in the law and court rulings, as the case of the ECJ ruling has shown.

In short:

I can warmly recommend Borlabs Cookie to every WordPress user!

Buy Borlabs Cookie now!


  • 100% compatible with the Gutenberg editor
  • Many customization and setting options
  • stylish opt-in box design
  • Two-click solution for embedded content (e.g. from YouTube, Google Maps, Instagram, Twitter or Vimeo)
  • Shortcode to block any content and only make it available after the click
  • Works with most of the popular caching plugins
  • Opt-in statistics in the dashboard
  • compatible with many page builders, such as B. WPBakery, Thrive Architect or Elementor
  • Management of individual cookies and cookie groups
  • works with multilingual websites (WPML or Polylang)
  • Very good support (also in German, because the developer is from Germany)
  • Constant further development
  • أ Clear plug-in settings that can also be used on the move
  • Script blocker to block Javascript that is inserted into your website by other plugins
  • Compatible with the Ezoic advertising network since version 2.2


  • Not a one-off, but an annual price
  • Cookie information and the associated scripts must be stored manually in the settings (there are, however, templates for common cookies and scripts)

8. Alternatives to Borlabs Cookie

Alternatives to Borlabs Cookie are e.g. B. the following plugins:

  1. CookieBot
  2. GDPR Pixelmate
  3. Cookie Notice for GDPR

You can find the advantages and disadvantages of these plugins and a comparison to Borlabs Cookie here: The 5 best WordPress cookie plugins in 2021 (3 of them free)

9. FAQ

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about Borlabs Cookie:

9.1 Is there a free version of Borlabs Cookie?

Simple answer:


Borlabs Cookie is a paid plugin. And rightly so (see also my conclusion).

There are free alternatives, but with those you have to make compromises in terms of functionality, legal security and updates.

Anything else:

Please don’t make the mistake of downloading a “nulled version” of Borlabs Cookie (a hacked version that is offered for free)!

First of all , this is really nice to the developer. Second, you are putting the security of your WordPress website on the game:

Nulled plugins or themes can allow hackers to take control of your website and use it to spread malware or generate advertising revenue .

10.2 What to do if Borlabs Cookie is not displayed / does not work?

Should Borlabs Cookie not work correctly, the top priority is:

Keep Calm!

Because the support and documentation from Borlabs Cookie can certainly help you.

In consultation, 99.9 percent of all problems can be resolved with certainty.

Since the error is often the lack of compatibility with other plugins, you can alternatively first try to find the error yourself by deactivating the individual plugins (if this is possible).

10.3 Is there a demo of Borlabs Cookie?

There is no demo for Borlabs Cookie.

However, you will find numerous videos on the manufacturer’s website that allow deep insights into the plugin.

10.4 Is there a sample text for the data protection declaration for Borlabs Cookie?

Yes. You can find the sample text here .

10.5 is the use of Borlabs cookie (or another opt-in) legally necessary?

Difficult question!

Despite two ECJ rulings from 2019, which assume an opt-in obligation for tracking cookies, the legal situation is still not completely clear.

Because these judgments have not yet been converted into German law. A judgment from the BGH is expected on May 28, 2020.

However, data protection authorities and IT specialist lawyers assume an opt-in obligation (also in part even before the ECJ rulings).

I have put together further information on the current legal situation for you here.

10.6 Does Borlabs Cookie automatically recognize all cookies?

Borlabs Cookie does not have a “scan mode” which automatically searches a website for cookies.

Cookies have to be added either via the script blocker or manually by storing the associated JavaScript code.

10.7 Are there discounts on license renewals?

The license for Borlabs Cookie is valid for one year. If you want to benefit from free support and updates after this year, you can renew your license.

The good news:

You get a discount on the license extension of 30%. B. for a single license instead of 39.90 € only 27.30 €!

10.8 How do I link to the cookie settings?

You can include a link to the cookie settings using a shortcode.

If someone clicks on the link, the cookie box opens again and offers users the opportunity to change the existing cookie settings.

You can embed the link either in the form of a text link or a button. You can find the shortcodes here .

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